A Bit About Us

I Am Truth is a UK based distributor of high-quality CBD oil products. Our aim is to combine our exceptional and personal customer service and rapid dispatch times. The I Am Truth team led by Director Jez Tinkler have a vast knowledge of the industry and are passionate to help people find good quality products that they can use regularly within their lifestyle to increase their wellbeing.

“It’s an exciting time for the industry, with many people now doing their own research into how CBD oil can benefit them. We are passionate about sharing our expertise with the community and providing them with good quality products that can help with their ailments, and ultimately help them to feel better.” Jez Tinkler.

As the industry and knowledge surrounding these products grow so will the CBD Community. We already pride ourselves in not being just another business, but a business with its customers at the heart of it, sharing their experiences and supporting other people with their stories and making our community group a hub of experience, testimonials and knowledge for all who need it. Don’t forget to join the I AM TRUTH COMMUNITY GROUP.

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